Need coder for server (FULL server coder)

So i am looking for someone that can code a gamemode with custom scripts/addons/huds/etc. for me. I will be paying weekly for the developer depending on how much work is done.
As long as your working i will pay you. You should also be able to code sirens for police cars using sicknessmodels.
Contact me for more information at:
Skype: alexlyn3
Steam: xAl3xTh3K1nG (It will have cybergaming infront of it)

(User was banned for this post ("Use the hire a coder thread!" - NiandraLades))

If you’d looked at the top 5 threads you’d have seen this one

I understand, but as i see there are 10+ scammers in that list…

Doesn’t mean that should keep you from posting on it… not everyone is a scammer, and there’s no need for another coder thread…