Need coding assistance-Epidemic Script

I just recently obtained Epidemic script, or otherwise known as Necroscript from the previous owner. I bought it from him only a couple of weeks ago, and before we finished the transaction he told me it would need work to operate. Since it is an older script, it is not really function able at this point and is a bit outdated. It is not configured for GM13 which is another issue I’m having. I’ve come up and down the wall of coders trying to get this fixed, but nobody seems to know how to fix it. I’ve hired who knows how many people…I’ve gone through some of the bigwigs as well as the newer guys to get this done, but to no avail.

If anyone can offer assistance, or knows of somebody who can help, please let me know. I would really appreciate it. You can either post, pm, steam, etc.

~No, I will not consider using another script. I’ve already made a commitment to this one.

Thanks again!

How much did you buy it for?

I would love to try and help you tomorrow. I’ll be on at about 12:30 pm central time.

You got scammed, mate. Epidemic can easily be obtained for free. I’ve fixed it for GMod 13 and continued its development. I can consider giving it to you if you tell me what it’ll be used for.

Buying a gamemode from someone who didn’t make it or contribute to it is a bad idea.

Well I bought it from the owner of Necropolis, the community that made it popular for its short period of time. I got it for about $50. Anyway, I intend on using it for a serious roleplay community. We have had servers in the past and starting running with zauberscript, but seeing as the script was never fully developed it was costing me more money than I could afford. After awhile the community called for a vote to establish a new roleplay server and the majority vote was zombie roleplay. After researching and tinkering with different scripts I decided that I wanted to use Epidemic.

Thanks for all the help and advice guys. Anyway, sorry I was unable to be on at that time. My hours are slim due to training at the moment.

Instead sticking with old gamemode, I’m remaking it from the scratch.
as COMMUNIZT said, buying gamemode won’t help you unless you’re good at lua coding.