Need comic advice

Working on a comic. There’s more done but this should be enough for meaningful critique. Wouldn’t want to spoil it, right?
Anyway, font’s a placeholder right now (haven’t decided on a font yet though so suggestions are welcome) - what I’m really looking for is layout advice. Is this too cluttered? Is it too hard to follow? Do the thin borders look okay? Are panels too close together? Is it obvious who’s talking? Should I change the speech bubbles? Any opinions welcome, thanks in advance.

I personally would reorganize it, because it could be read in the wrong order easily. I would also do speech bubbles if you can get them to look right.

Also, the canvas filter on the hostage pictures doesn’t look right, if it’s security footage I would use some noise instead.

I fixed the spelling mistake right after uploading this.

RE the order: I want to see how many people actually read it the wrong way before changing it. I know it COULD be read wrong but I’m not sure how easily. I arranged the text in such a way to draw the reader to the bottom panel before the rightmost panel as well.

RE filter: I thought it’d be obvious that the first two panels are of a recording made by the terrorists. You know, where they outline their demands? Only the third panel is security feed (or something to that effect). It does look a bit off, though so I’ll look to change it anyway.

I’ll say the same thing that keyblade for the organization. I wasen’t sure when i read it first.

For the speachs bubbles, because he is thinking there’s no problem but if you make a conversation, you should do the classic white bubble style.

Also the black border could be a bit bigger between 5 or 10 personally

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And for the hostage pics, you should make the filter a bit bigger