Need Counter Strike: Source Textures

Hello, I want to use gun addons and sweps for garrys mod, but I don’t have CSS. I was wondering if anyone had a package that contained the textures for all the weapons, ex. the materials, models, sound folder. I know your thinking “lol just buy it you poor faggot” but i don’t have the 20 bucks. So if anyone has the files, please help ASAP. thanks.

I doubt anyone here is just going to give you the content, since it’s considered warez. Just do some chores to earn the money or something. 20 bucks isn’t that much.

You just requested this, and it would be considered warez and could get us permabanned. Besides, I thought you had to mount the files through gmod anyway.

Oh yeah, warez, forgot. anyway i guess ill do chores.

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I figured I could copy and paste the files into gmod.

Go to fpsbanana and download a custom hands model. I believe this is legal.