Need CSS Textures

Hello, I want to use gun addons and sweps for garrys mod, but I don’t have CSS. I was wondering if anyone had a package that contained the textures for all the weapons, ex. the materials, models, sound folder. I know your thinking “lol just buy it you poor faggot” but i don’t have the 20 bucks. So if anyone has the files, please help ASAP. thanks.

Wouldn’t they have to be mounted into the game it’self?

You can sort of use replacements if I remember. The game doesn’t check for mounted content unless an addon specifies. So if a model and texture happen to be in the same folder, and have the same name as the target model/ texture the map or addon uses, the game will load that.

I don’t know why people don’t buy CS:S during the Holiday sales when it’s $5. Like, holy shit.