Need DarkRP Lua Coder[Will Pay]

I need a Lua coder for my DarkRP server which I bought yesterday. I will pay, or can give you ASS mod+ULX admin on the server. I only need a few jobs coded for me. I need a car dealer that will be able to purchase jeeps for $800 from the F4 menu. I need a drug dealer that is able to sell drugs from the drugz mod, and I need a gun dealer that is able to sell the CS:S realistic weapons(pistols in 1 by 1, and shipments. All rifles and other guns in shipments). These are just the main jobs I need. A few more simple ones are needed.

We can talk about the price over Steam.
Please add me: bblegend

Or reply here.

Ill do it if you donate 10 dollars to TnB in my name. Ill throw some more advanced stuff in for 30 and show you how to run it. Ill add you when I go into bootcamp.

Will Do for 10-5 Dollars

I offered 10 for what he said. extras for 30

I’ll do it for free…You need help, I’ll be nice, Add me KDprod

I had a coder, he finished most of it, but then he left. Position still open, will pay $5 to who ever finishes the job. There are just a few more very simple jobs to be done, and just some fixes to the jobs that are already done. Add me! bblegend

Lol, this thread is funny xD