Need DarkRP Lua Coder

I have always played DarkRP on Garrys Mod. It is my favorite gamemode so I decided to create my own server and hope to get it popular, but I am not very good at coding. I have the basic things set up for the server (32 slot NFO) which includes: DarkRP gamemode itself, ULX, and the map. (very basic) I need a coder who is willing to help me set everything up from jobs, weapons etc. I currently have a payed advanced plan Enjin website for the server and am going to buy scripts in the future. If I need to do something, I look up a tutorial and do it. But I am hoping I won’t need to do much as I want my focus to be just on the website and players itself. I cannot pay money in return, but once the server is set up and we get donations rolling in. I am willing to give you a share in that. Of course I am not going to just give somebody access to FTP. I am going to need to gain your trust and you’re going to need to show proof of your knowledge. (Coding) If you have any questions or are willing to do what I ask of, add me on Steam as Exotic Prodigy or on Skype as LNGWater.

How old are you?

I am only 15 years of age, but from others and my own perspective, I am very mature for my age. I might also sound older than 15 but I am not. But yeah, I could do this myself but it would take a lot more time then needed. So asking for any help I can get basically.

You’ll be hard pressed to find anyone who works for free anymore. You can add me on Steam and I’ll help you with some things, but I won’t code your entire server for you.

Thanks, as long as you can get me started.

EDIT: I can’t seem to find your steam profile. If you can add Exotic Prodigy, with the joker picture. That would help, or give a link to your steam profile.

Added. You know there’s a button underneath my Post Amount too…