Need Developer for darkrp

Hello, I have recent started a community and I am in need of a developer that has experience with the new darkrp, my dev/owner right now cant figure out some things.

(User was banned for this post ("didn't read the sticky" - postal))

Then your dev/owner must not know anything… lol

Make an account, just to ask for a fucking DEV?

Tbh, personally, i dont like darkrp 2.5… Just find a download for 2.4.3. Saves more time and doesnt have any bugs i know of…

I guess lots of devs will switch to mainly support the new darkrp, mainly because 2.4.3 will soon be highly outdated since it has no more support and updates.

DarkRP 2.5 is much better than 2.4.3, 10 times easier to script for. And if you mess up no core DarkRP files are touched.