Need dire assistance in creating a model for project

Hello Facepunch,

As the title reads, I am in need of assistance creating a model. However, it’s slightly urgent. Allow me to explain:

Basically, I am an animator in a small team project for school. Our resident modeler was teaching me the basics of creating characters in Maya, and we were able to produce a small roughing out of a character we developed together. However, his family has moved away to a new town, taking the source files with him, and he won’t be able to acquire an Internet connect for about a month.

This character is very vital to our project, and if we are unable to finish, our team will lose a lot of marks. I really didn’t want it to come to having to beg on a forum, but I basically need assistance in recreating the basic mesh of this character. I can fully handle texturing and rigging on my own. The second issue is, I’m flat broke. I’ve sunk my last dime into this project and unfortunately I don’t know how I can repay this service…

With 4 weeks left, we really need to pitch in and finish this project. If I were to tackle creating this model myself, I probably wouldn’t be able to finish it in time for the due date, and I have a lot of animating and portfolio work ahead of me.

Please PM me if you are interested in helping or need any other details.

Thank you.

Here is a reference sheet of the character. It’s not a particularly difficult character, but I figure the robes might be daunting to create…


I really didn’t want to, but it fell right off the first page. Is anybody willing to lend a hand?

Based on the proportions in the sketch there, I’m assuming this character is about the size of a child?

Oh, right right. That’s something important. Sorry.

She’s About 5’4" (162.5 cm). An inspiration for her design was Elizibeth from Bioshock Infinite, so she can be roughly her size if you want an estimate. The character is 20 years of age.

Well, considering that the character is an adult and about average height for women, you could probably get away with modifying one of the female character models from Vindictus and using some of the armor/clothes available in the game to achieve that character’s appearance. Here’s a quick tutorial that’ll help you get started.

I don’t think this will work. We already have a small cast of characters already in a similar style, so one looking somehow more professionally done will look completely out of place. As easy way out this seems, I’m a little concerned somebody might spot that its been a copy, so it seems a little more trouble than whats it’s worth, unfortunately…

Well, the only other option I can think of is to maybe edit one of your own existing models that you currently have and then changing the design of their clothing. Otherwise, you’re probably going to have to offer money for someone to make the model for you from scratch.

Well, with the time we have left, I don’t think it’ll even be possible to finish anymore.

Oh well. Just wasn’t meant to be.

You stated that you still have 4 weeks left to go; I’m pretty sure that’s more than enough time for your group to modify one of your existing models to make that character. Just get started on the model as soon as you possibly can, and I’m sure you’ll be able to meet the deadline.

No, we’ve literally got too much work to pull it off, now. She is the only humanoid character. Editing them will make no difference.

I agree with Katra804, just use vindictus and rip a character then modify her to your liking. 4 weeks is pretty long and having a model is better than nothing. It’ll probably take less than a day to get everything up and working.

Then your best bet would probably be to do what I advised before and modify one of the character models from Vindictus until you get the desired result you were aiming for. You say there’s too much work to pull it off, but you still have 4 weeks; if you and your team are willing to cut corners due to time and resource restraints, this will be your best option without having to pay someone else to do the work for you.

Believe me, I’ve had to pull off large projects like this when I was still in school (not exactly with modelling, but with web design, flash animation, and server configuration); if you just buckle down and burn the candle at both ends, you should be able to reach your deadline in time. You have about a month to finish your school project, so I’m sure you’ll be able to finish if you and your team pull together and get started immediately.

Four other members just quit yesterday.

There’s only three guys left now. There’s nothing left we can do.

You still need help on this by chance?