Ive got praticly a freeroam driving server ,you build cars drive em what ever but I cannot seam to find any sane players playing on it besides the 1 admin I have and the one moderator, I just need staff that speak english properly and are responsible, that means stopping wars and prop killing.
It’s an awesome server not filled with crap plugins and it’s a pain in the butt to manage by myself when players are accually on… It’s new so not much players but if your interested.


Please note, it’s hosted in france but American owner, and the main language that I try to keep spoken is english.

If you are interested either apply at those forms or drop by the server, If I’m afk I’ll read the logs when I get back.

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In the morning it has an avrage of 8 people, after that then it usually dies down sadly

I have a friend who may be interested in a position as administrator on your server, he speaks perfect English :slight_smile: I will contact him in the near future and add you on steam later . Hope this helps!

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Also maybe you should add a mod account and get people to apply for that.

Cant add me on steam really for some reasons I cannot explain, “Yes I think I have legal gmod”

Btw I added moderator account. Another thing, I still need staff seams like both of my current members went inactive.

Hyper your friend still want to be staff?

Hyper’s an alt. account of serverwatch, he’s trolling. His friend’s also probably a propkiller who will disable any anti-cheats you might have on your server and ban the other mods because they don’t propkill or something.

Ah ok

What? Xd I’m not serverwatch man… although I do know him. And nope no one here is trolling apart from you. You know I actually like your addon and I’m gonna use your weps on my darkrp server soon :slight_smile: and propkillers are actually some of the nicest gmod players :stuck_out_tongue: and what do you mean by “disable anticheat”?

Well, I’ll find out stuff about your friend just the question remains still want staff

Dont post these threads here

yeah I got a few friends who want to be staff now:) we also make lua stuffs too if you want :ppp so what’s the steam and we will be in touch :stuck_out_tongue:

1st Where should I post at?
2nd Hyper your a huge noob from what I can see no staff.

You shouldnt make these posts at all, facepunch aint your recruiting grounds. Also its a terrible idea to give staff positions out to random players


I’ll take admin dude :wink:

Can I be abusive?

Depends on the day

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Wasn’t giving them out to random players. I usually do a quick background check on people and I saw like 5 other posts about “Looking for staff”

Those were from people that also didn’t know that this isn’t a place for you to recruit staff.

Side note, I’m glad we banned Serverwatch again, but do we know for a fact that it was him aside from seeing his gimmicky bullshit and him having a supposed friendship with the original serverwatch? I’ve got this strange feeling that maybe it wasn’t really him this time.

If a mod did it then obviously there was some kind of strong connection

Why are you asking for staff from random people on Facepunch, and not recruiting your actual players?

judging from his charts… he doesn’t actually have any