Need Experienced Admins, Read Inside

Ok so I run a 50 player server. I’m going to completely wipe it and get a fresh start on it once I get this admin situation solved.

Basically when I started the server up I had my real life friends helping me with being admins and it was great. But now they don’t really log on anymore and I can’t be on my server at all times. So I resorted to looking for people who have been playing on the server for awhile to take up a chance and admin, which I guess just doesn’t work because people abuse powers no matter what.

The server currently is running mods but I will probably change it back to Vanilla.

So here’s what I need:

-I need admins who are over the age of 20, I know it’s usually 18+ but I feel like 18 still isn’t mature enough to handle being an admin in a game like Rust.

-People who can handle situations without letting their emotions/attitudes clouding their view. I know how the game of Rust works, people piss you off, shit happens. I don’t need admins abusing their powers to get revenge or shut someone up, that’s just not how this works.

-Experience. If you haven’t been an admin in a game before, Rust is not a good starting point for you.

So obviously there is more criteria, but I’d rather talk about it over steam. So add me on there if you would like to help out. I need maybe 2-3 admins. My steam is Xtrophicy.

Thanks for reading! Hope to talk to some of you soon.


-Located US East - New York Specifically

shoot me a PM. i may be able to help you with this

Send us a Pm if you want

Still looking, add me on steam.

I was looking to add you on steam but a user search does not show Xtrophicy when I search for you. I have a buddy and I who play and may be interested. We are 36 and 44 years old. My steam name is Wigg, look me up!

I would love to be able to join in, I’m from the UK, currently playing on a US server, though have recently taken a break from rust.

I have many ideas for events and such, but I’m rambling, add me on steam! :slight_smile:

I can be a good admins! Im real serial about stuff and onky spawn items for mine friends and me to raid teh noobs! Great I accept!

I said i would help you but good luck

Hey, it would be a nice oppurtunity for me to polish up my admin skills, as I will be renting a server soon. Would be nice to take me in miind :slight_smile:

If you still need an admin, Ill be happy to help, i have over 650 hours on the game so i think i know my rust :smiley:

Sure, drop me a PM :slight_smile:

Wait are you talking to the OP or to me?