Need Experienced Coder For A New Game Mode

I’m looking for an experienced coder to create me a new rp gamemode. I’m hoping for it to be similar to tacoscript, but not identical. I want it to have guns, but not overloaded with them. Maybe just pistols only. I really want it to be a NICE thing that would attract a lot of people. I would like it to have a little quiz when you join like tacoscript and a login thing that would connect to an sql database. If you are able to make something like this, that would be awesome. I’d be willing to pay up to £80 ($130 USD) (maybe more if required) for it, so just let me know. Thanks in advance!

I wouldn’t suggest you pay people to do this. I know a lot of people out there would take all the money and half ass the game. You can make a gamemode look good and seem good but after awhile things could go wrong. The people who make it could put in back doors to mess around with your server and such and a ton of other things.
One thing you might ask is, I’m paying someone a lot of money to do this why would they want to be a dick? Well first of all people could make this gamemode for themselves and get just as much in donation money.

I suggest learning how to make a game on your own or finding someone who is not willing to do it for money at first, then when you see progress kind of “reward” them and start a community or whatever you plan on doing.

I am able to find little backdoors that people may make. Also, I know how to make a gamemode, I just don’t have the time to make it or make updates to it. I wouldn’t even think that someone would be willing to even start making such a long project without even being offered a bit of money.

Currently creating a public gamemode that will fill at least parts of your requirements :slight_smile:

Well if you could release a beta of your public one, I tell you what to add and continue 2 separate projects (mine as private) and your public one and all my requirements/wishes are fulfilled, there may be a “(£££) reward (£££)” for you :D.


How long do you think it would take from what you have now to fill all of my requirements?


I’m going to be gone all day (until maybe about 4-5 GMT), so I’ll try to get back to you ASAP. Thanks in advance!

There’s a thread on my RP gamemode here on facepunch, It’s [thread=770199]here[/thread]. Also, making yours private would make it four separate projects: The public base, the two versions for two other communities, your version, and even possibly a fifth version if this one guy wants to use it, too :stuck_out_tongue: That’s why I decided I’d make a public, working version first, at least. Also, I’d really like to have that money, but there’s yet no way you could pay me :stuck_out_tongue:

Unless you mailed the money to Finland, but that wouldn’t be very wise, would that? :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s paypal. Do you have paypal?