need "fake companies" for a medium-sized project

im making a proving grounds map. im intending for it to be a rather large project. but I need one thing to add to the realism - advertisements and sponsors. the little details count.

anyways, anyone interested in having their logos + billboard designs featured in the map will post them here.
rules go as follows.

1024x512 billboard design.
opaque - no transparency in the background.

any sized logo/text under 1024x1024
MUST be in .png format WITH alpha channel AKA transparency

my examples are here -
logo/text: (not transparent for personal reasons)

one application for this thread - on the dragstrip barriers, I’ve placed companies on it:

happy shopping, facepunch.

Sounds like fun. Should it be clean and modern or old and dirty?

clean and modern - like in the examples please! :slight_smile:

I might try and come up with something later for this.

Have you considered using the logos of companies from Valve games (eg: Mann co, Aperture), or are you going for completely original companies?

preferably all original.

Might do

Chips & Biscuits

I could make a touristy/travel sign

I’m just wondering, what kind of personal reasons could you have not to make that one image transparent?
Did it hurt your feelings? :v:

Here’s one:


Billboard (Alternate Slogan)


I can do more if you need any.

Took me five minutes :V

hroizon? :eek:

Oh FUCK. Fixed, thanks.

thanks guys! i’ll be putting em in the map soon

I’m gonna try to make one.

(User was banned for this post ("Image Macro." - Seiteki))

Alright, done. Took me a while but I put some effort into this because I have nothing else to do at 1:30 AM Saturday night.[/thumb]

And in citrus flavor;


And now in mint!


May or may not have been inspired by the ads in mirrors edge.

I technically use this name for internal and some PR uses but I won’t demand royalties for its use.

Here’s a billboard, colour scheme isn’t the best. Give me crits.

I don’t think I can make a really good billboard. But someone should do something like this.

I made a fail one, but here ya go


Here’s an updated, still fail version