Need Feedback for Map Layout (TTT_Weapons_Factory)

I have a new TTT map in the planning process right now. It is tentatively going to be named TTT_Weapons_Factory. It is a fully automated weapons factory. It is set underground, with an elevator/stairway to the surface. A conveyor assembly line will run throughout the map with automatic and moving machinery working on the guns. Toward the end of the assembly line, guns will be automatically loaded into boxes, and robotic crane arms will load the boxes onto trucks that back into the loading bays every so often and drive off. There will also be a missile silo area with robotic welding arms and such working on the missiles. Here is what I’ve come up with so far for the layout:

(Click to see the full and detailed floor plan)

Some things to note about the above floor plan:
-The darker shaded rooms are at a slightly higher elevation, hence the stairs leading into the other lighter-shaded rooms.
-It is an underground facility, so I haven’t decided whether or not to make the surface playable or accessible.
-I haven’t even thought about multiple floor levels yet, but I’m completely open to the idea.

I’m fairly happy with what I have so far, but it’s only a start and I know the floor plan could use a lot more planning before I start mapping. I figured Facepunch would be a good place for me to ask for advice when it comes to floor plans. My last map, TTT_Nuclear_Power, was pretty large and spread out. In contrast, I might try for something a little more condensed and easier to get around. I’m also using Floor Plan Creator on my Android tablet, so I can easily edit the blueprints.

Any constructive criticism and feedback is appreciated!

Your floor plans look great. One small thing that would be fun is the ability to get the missiles launched, possibly by finding two keys that appear in random locations. Just something fun to look for on slow rounds.

Thanks for the feedback :slight_smile: I do have plans for launching the missiles! I might give traitors the ability to launch them, killing anyone inside the launch bay, but I’m pondering the idea of some sort of objective with the missiles.

Also I’ve gotten some feedback from a friend of mine regarding creating a 2nd floor level. This level could be offices, some with windows overlooking the factory floor. The current area marked as offices could be turned into a storage area and be connected to shipping. Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

I recommend mounting some Portal 2 models (robotic crane arms and such) and textures, but judging on the textures in ttt_nuclear_power you look pretty good at creating them.

I’ll probably create most of the textures myself like I did in Nuclear Power, but as for the models from Portal 2, I’m assuming they need to be ported to work for TTT in Gmod? Is there a ported Portal 2 model pack anywhere with robotic crane arms and such? I’m prepared to port the models myself, but it would just save a lot of time and effort if I didn’t have to comb through all those files.

Your ideas interest me, any traps I couldn’t see any though I am on an IPad lol.

I don’t have any traps drawn in the layout diagram. However I have some plans in mind such as a missile launch sequence possibly involving a traitor/innocent objective to spice things up. Any ideas for traps are welcome.

When I get home I’ll shoot you some ideas, the middle launch seems cool I did one on my map TTT_launchpad. That test fire area cloud do with a traitor test fire that would be funny.

It would be hilarious if traitors could cause the automated gun test-firing robot to malfunction and turn around, shooting randomly at players in the room. :v: That would take some creative I/O though.

If you are looking to do that I could help you out I have done a lot of technical work with input output and would gladly give you a demo .vmf to view

I recently used some func_tank(s) in a map for my new gamemode to use as a camera that follows targets. If you want, I can find some of the links what explain how to set up automated guns. I really like that idea!

I’d definitely appreciate it! I have a working concept built for an automated test fire, but haven’t done anything about it turning around and shooting at players in the room yet.

Well, here’s a few links. Couldn’t find all the ones I remembered. The only part I’m unsure about is making the gun track players, but might also be easy to just have it shooting wildly, lol.

And of course -

The confusing part for me was actually activating the func_tank to start tracking. Mine track a physbox, but may be able to track players or players who walk into a trigger.

I think once you start playing with it you’ll figure it out. Sounds like a fun project, I may give it a try myself. lol. You can parent your existing gun to it to make it track the target, don’t have to use the func_tank’s built in gun.

Saw your post on the megathread. Have you got the func_tank working yet?

Here’s what mine looks like. Mine have cameras parented to them to track an entity, but you can play with the settings once it’s setup. I had to setup a trigger to GET the tanks to start tracking. They’re set over the spawn point.

I actually did figure it out! I’ve created a fully operational gun test firing robot (with a true targeting system that even tracks moving targets) and a traitor button that makes it turn around and shoot at players instead of the targets. :v: It picks up guns, test fires them, and then sets them down to continue on the assembly line. I plan to post a video of it soon!

Thanks for your input BRUXXUS, it’s interesting to see how you set everything up. I’ll have to post my I/O when I have some time. I read somewhere that func_tank doesn’t work in multiplayer, so I resorted to using a func_tanklaser and set the laserbeam to be invisible, basically creating the same exact effect. Do you know if it’s true that func_tank doesn’t work in multiplayer servers? While I have things working fine using func_tanklaser, it would actually be easier to use a func_tank.

Wow! What you have setup sounds WAY more complex than mine, lol. The func_tanks do work in MP, for me at least. I’m not sure if maybe they meant that they can’t shoot in MP? What I’m using works great for the camera trackers I have set up, but they just follow a ball around and arena. You should check it out sometime, it’s pretty fun, lol.

I’d love to see your I/O, I would like to know how to make it follow players. That’d be super useful for future projects! I can’t wait to see your map, it sounds awesome.

Posted this in the pimpage thread, but I’ll post it in here too:

When it’s finished, it’ll pick guns up from the conveyor, test fire them at the targets, and then set them down to move down the assembly line.

The I/O for the whole thing is honestly too long to post here lol, but you can have it track players by using an npc_enemyfinder and an ai_relationship. On the ai_relationship set the target to “player” and the relationship to “Hate”. Then set the subject to whatever the npc_enemyfinder’s name is. You then set the npc_enemyfinder to find players in the room and pass that target to the func_tank, which then tracks players.

This is amazing!!! Seriously one of the coolest things I’ve seen for TTT.