Need Female Voice Actor

Hi. I am filming a movie on Garry’s Mod, and a female voice is required for one of the parts. If you are a woman (or sound like one), add “goldenoreos52” on steam and I will give you the voice parts that you are required to record. Be aware that in some cases you may need to yell or swear (No sexual content, only some mushy dialogue for one scene, nothing sexual). Also, make sure your mic is a good one, I’d like to have nice voice quality.

Thanks in advance.

Women come here?

pssshh, No.

I can do a really high pinched scratchy woman voice. SO NO, there are no female voices that arent an 11 year old GURL GAM3RS

Do women even do voice acting?

You never know.

How can they when they’re constantly in the kitchen.

They can’t leave it either, or ill hit them… so yeah, give up on a female voice actor their too busy making me and others sandwich’s

You could also ask someone you know in real life to do it.

EDIT:Better yet, you could go around on some random ventrillo channels looking for women who will be willing to say some lines.

Good point. Too bad no women I know are gamers. It’s a sad world.

Vent hopping might work, but I’d be classified as a dumbass for channel hopping and asking random questions.

My sister

depends what kind of pitch cause my friend would consider it

How old?

LOL. Tell the sister to add mysteamID or throw “” an email. The pitch does not matter.

someones lonely…


Ask Foghorn, or HCR. Hell, you can ask verynicelady if you need a mature sounding woman. :v:

Thanks for being the only poster in here that actually helped anything, but I [miraculously] found a voiceactor. Thanks though.

why are all the guys answereing on this thread (including me 0_o) when it says a women voice actor, WTF is wrong with us?!
i have a friend who is a girl but her laptop is broken so ah… well thats it really

I got a female actor, thanks.