Need files

okay im gonna get gmod soon and i have looked for files and there are so many variations and shit soooooo can you smart people tell me which file is the most up to date version of PHX and tell me the version of the STARGATE mod with weapons and props and such… an ion cannon would be nice too XD

Read up on some addons that you will want on the forums.
You have posted about PHX, very well. To always stay updated, you will ALWAYS want the SVN version. Look here for the links to the SVN addons. If you don’t know how to use SVN (Even though it took me 3 minutes to figure out and set up mine, I have read about many people not figuring it out). So, someone was kind though to make a tutorial:

I’d suggest to never search, only download there if someone has posted a link in their addon release thread.