Need For God

Just enjoy it.

Played NFS - World. When i just started my first idea was: “Ha! I can make something like that in gmod!” Probably one of my best edits. My photoshop skills got rusty and now they are clean like Katie Perry’s face.

Picture for the honor of GamingWaypoint Cider 2 gamemode and Golf fans.



The psd if you want to take a look at the editing. It was simple, but took a lot of time.

I just noticed i spelled God instead of Gmod. Rate me abc’s.

It’s nice. Just the biggest issue I have with it, is the taillight trail actually going ahead of the lights themselves.

Yeah, i failed much with it.

No abc ratings so far.

I need God


Very nice. I would have preferred a driver but still good job.

Well, it’s not your average, run of the mill piece of work. The speed lines definately evoke the NFS feel, but the cracked glass looks a little basic. I’d suggest grafting a real picture of a broken windshield or something on it. You could also give the whole picture a cooling filter and increasing the contrast and saturation in the blue channel, see what happens.

Drivers are useless mass in the car :smiley:

Nice idea, but i really didn’t want it to fully look like NFS with its’ gray or metallic color for everything. Still, will try.