Need For Speed: The Run. Toyota Corolla AE86

I was wondering if some kind soul could port the Toyota Corolla from Need For Speed The Run for me into Garry’s Mod.

If possible have the wheels turnable with the retractable headlights as body groups. (If not that’s cool. Having the car model is enough for me)

Please and thank ya

If you can get me the model I can rig it for you. wheels and all.

If you don’t know how to drive ninjaripper then I’m afraid I can’t help you, unless you were willing to get me the game, but even then I can’t garuntee it’ll work.

There´re ppl in that already extracted some few vehicles from the game but, i can´t guarantee that they´ll be friendly with you.
OR you can extract that Corolla by yourself with ninjariiper but, if you have no experience with it, you should search for some help.