Need Francis And Bill With Sunglasses Ragdolls [Details Inside]

I’ve tried to weld some sunglasses to these character’s heads, but i could not manage to do it.
They didn’t weld in the right way…
So i’d like you to do a Francis and Bill Ragdoll with these glasses on:

Thanks a lot.

No collide + careful physgunning = Profit.

I’ve tried, but when i unfreeze the glasses and the head they don’t dispose themselves as i did before unfreezing…they appear to be at least 10 cm ahead…

Be more careful
also weld the glasses on.

Thats what i do:
1- Freeze the ragdoll.
2- No Collide Between Ragdoll and Glasses
3- Freeze Glasses in front of ragdoll’s eyes
4- weld glasses to ragdoll’s head
5- Unfreeze Glasses And Head and the glasses are 10 cm ahed that where they sould be…

The glasses move when unfrozen?
If you know they move forward when unfrozen
then push the glasses further back even inside the head that when when the jut forward unfrozen they will be placed where they should.