Need GLUA Tutor

As you can tell, I need a GLua Tutor. What I’m asking for is for someone to sit down with me and chat on Teamspeak, Discord, etc and show me either the basics, and then slowly to the advanced. If someone could take time out of their schedule to help me, I would be extremely grateful. I’ve enjoyed the idea of coding since age 10 and would like to start with GLua because Garry’s Mod is one of my favorite games and I would like to be able to develop on it.


you don’t always need somebody else to get you started

great starter guide by code_gs

You won’t get a private gLua tutor without some sort of payment, time is money and you’d have to be very lucky to find someone that will actually help you become decent. What ZeBull said is true, you don’t need anybody, all you gotta do is use your own time and determination to get there.