Need good administrative mods

Hello I am currently running a server.

The server runs ULX SVN.

I was wondering if anyone knows any add ons or ways to configure the game that could help with moderating the server.

Currently looking for:

  1. Add on that displays when someone spawns a prop in console.
  2. Add on that displays peoples steamid’s in console next to their name. (So if they crash the server we would not have had to type status or won’t have to look through logs for their steamid.)
  3. Add on for kicking/banning from the scoreboard.
  4. Changing the color of admins names in text chat.

Anything along the lines of that would be great

no such addons…U rather have to code them yourself. Or live without them.

That is why there is a big “request” by his post. He wants someone to make one…

Ahh, yea…all i no how to do is change the text…

I can make the 4rth one for you in like a few minutes.

Mabye the second to.

Kick and Ban is on the score board. My server has that…I think its onlt in assmod tho im not sure.

1st you need a lua geek to fiqure that one out …

Ahh, and i wasnt trying to be mean about it just so you know. Also, I wish I were just a little better at lua. However i can only learn very well through videos :confused:

Pretty sure this comes with ULX

You can find everything at the gmod wiki


Thats quite possible.

I use ULX and ULX logs everything. So I suggest you download ULib and ULx.

  1. ULX already does that
  2. ULX already does that (in logs in console)
  3. Sui scoreboard might do this? I don’t remember
  4. UTeam does this

Hope that helped. :slight_smile:

Yea Sui does have that.

ASSmod is pretty good, basic, easy to get used to. Has everything you need.

Better then ULX

ULX on the other hand logs every single thing. Although adding admins is not a hassle with ASSmod, ASSmod does not have all of the feature of ULX, so heres my though If your just hosting a normal server not for any clan or anything just for you go with ASSmod, if you are looking for bigger capabilites and looking to be able to have a wide variety of option go with ULX Mod.

What’s a hassle about ULX?

(NOT trying to offend anyone by this post.)
Maybe if your to lasy and just dont wanna take the time… kinda like me >.>

The adding admins part, I can’t seem to do that. But ULX is overall the best mod i’ve seen.

Just so we’re clear, I’m the author of ULX. I’m always looking for ways to improve it though. How could we make adding admins easier? Or make anything else less of a hassle?


All Of this stuff comes with ulx svn. I’m not sure if you ever noticed.

Maybe add a command to add steam id’s from server console? Such as Ulx addadmin_STEAM_0:0(numbers)

You mean the “ulx adduserid” command? Is the problem just that people aren’t aware of the commands? :stuck_out_tongue: