Need Good Ingame Recording Software

I hate Source Recorder and I don’t want any watermarks. I’m thinking about cam studio. Is it any good, or is there something better?


WeGame (or XFire if you like being frustrated and bad quality)


Or get fraps, (requires a monster computer though.)

I’ve been meaning to get away from using Fraps. Does WeGame record with the same level of stability and ease of use?

Its the same as fraps almost. just the quality is much worse and its free.


and the framerate drops much less.

Im using full fraps, if you want it I can send it on Skype if you want.

There’s also WeGame but got poor quality.
Xfire is a nice choose tough but Id recommend Fraps.

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i tried fraps and LOVE it… but i am not gonna shell out $40 so i can record for more than 30 seconds…

Go for FRAPS, but if you ever record, record it to another drive so it has less lag…

…thats the trick of the trade you see… :v:

If you never really record shots for over 30 seconds you could just crop the watermark out.

well, if you are me and like to record random things like races of gameplay sessions in TF2, free fraps aint gonna cut it.

thats why i use wegame. quality is pretty much the same, and it is only a little bit darker, but i am sure there are ways around that…

Not even close.

thats what i did when i first got fraps

FRAPS has worked ok for me for multiple videos. Can be a bit demanding at times but overall I find it easy to use and it does the job well.

I might try that WeGame soon, thanks for the reference