need gun recommendations

ok so i am currently in the business of hexing and swepping a pack of guns i will show you the work i have done as soon as i take the pictures the one thing i need from you guys is weapon recommendations i will not guarentee the weapon you choose will make it but i will try

thank Kermite for helping me with muzzle flash

You might want to list the weapons you’ve done so far to avoid repeat suggestions?

Also your images are being linked wrong. I have to open the images in a new tab to see them.

ok i will

How is that not on topic? I asked what guns you have in the pack so far. Why ask for suggestions when we don’t even know what guns you have done already it just wastes your time and their time.


Why is this in the LUA section? Are you coding the weapons to?


Do not use garry’s CS base if that’s what you’re doing.

yeah i am with kermites help of course


oh ok sorry well here let me post the guns i have done so far man i never though this thread would get people on it


on another note hey are you the one that did my tatoo? at steves shop?

How about the Flak Cannon?

Yep there’s only one Steve in the world

well excuse me lol


i said i was hexing and swepping nod modeling find me a skin from css with that and i’ll do it

I never said anything about you modeling it, and it doesn’t need to be the model of the Flak cannon, I’d just like to see a gun with the functions of a Flak cannon.

Either way this might work well for a model; Link

well ok i can do it but would you like me to insert it in the pack or just make a download for you?

fyi its done i just finished it up a little

If you can procure me a view model (world model would be nice too, but not necessary), I’ll make it for you.

Sounds would be nice, but I can probably find some.

It doesn’t matter to me, you made it, so you choose.

How about this:
And This:
Both weapons i would love to have, and allot of other people would too. :]
Good luck.

and try to get a fn fal, hope u use my suggestions

Try to get the one without any attachments :stuck_out_tongue:

ok well that sucks my mobo just went out on my 8 thousand dollar machine so i have to use a note book
for this reason i will need some beta testers with a skype account i can send files to anyone?

ok so on my netbook i just scripted and hexed all of these but i cant test them cause well i dont have my baby anymore mobo melted :frowning: but i am order a replacement