Need Hands on Help with Hammer.

I’ve been watching tutorials, reading forums, reading wiki’s, but nothing HELPS!

I need someone actually there helping me, not just a video.
I want to start from the beggining, and keep in mind, you may need to do ALOT of explaining.
After awhile, I’ll get the hang of it and map on my own. But for now, I need help.

So basically you can post things in the thread to help, or you can chat on Skype or Steam.
And keep in mind, I’m as green as grass when it comes to mapping.

And also, I know this is bound to be a repeat, but the search is broken, and I don’t want to sift through the forums. Also, if your not gonna help, DO NOT POST!

If it was not so late for me, I would add you to steam right now and help you. Maybe tomorrow.

But heres a few tips.


2 - Make sure doorways have a frame, otherwise, they look strange.

3 - Make sure when mapping, never to accidentally hit Control + Insert, or something like that. Every time I do it crashes my hammer, no idea what actually happens though. (Im pretty clumsy though, and I am prone to crashes)

If your REALLY REALLY new, first click on the camera icon, and then click somewhere on the top left screen, then click the icon with the white box in it and make a square on the top right box, make sure that it lines up with the grid, and press ENTER. That places your square. Then you use the other boxes on the bottom to change the length and height of the box you have made.

I just clicked on your steam profile and it said it would not be found.
Try mine, and send me a friend request. I can try to help you tomorrow but I can not be sure I will be on most of the day.

Hope I helped!

Hold on, I have to edit my profile, when I was new, I didn’t know what it was. But now I do.

Okay, now it’s fixed.

No its not.

Anyways. I do have some video tutorials, but if you do want more personal help you can usually leave questions in here.

Well thanks Firegod, for somereason, whenever I tried to search before it refused to work, turns out I was just using the wrong search.

Although I still do prefer an actual chat, this is still helpful.

But one thing, every time I use my brush tool (or the block tool, I.E. the tool that creates the solid pieces of the map,) It appears as wirframe. So I switch the camera to 3d textured shaded, but it still shows up as a wireframe, what am I doing wrong. I have a texture selected.

Which engine are you using?

Oh, never mind. The engine was default set to 2006. But for some reason it won’t let me make a map for episode one, even though I bought it via Steam.

Also, I tried the 2007 engine, but the grid refuses to show up on it.

And also in the 2006 engine, all the appears on the 3d camera now is a white dot. And the camera controls don’t do anything.

2007 is broken, you have to configure ep2 for source engine 2009.

You have to run the game you want to map for atlease once since you installed source sdk.

Actually, you need to run it at least once since you installed it (the game) to create the gameinfo.txt it doesn’t matter if you install the sdk after this.

I have run the game before, and also, the 2009 version doesn’t support Half Life games, which are the levels I want to make, that way they work better in garrysmod. Also, I still have the wireframe problem.

Sorry, I miss-read. So how do I configure HL2:EP2 anyways?

Damn, it tells me that the current configuration is invalid.

Not trying to derail, but I’ve tried that multiple times with no luck.


Well it randomly started up. Now the only problem is that when I click on any entities, they go invisible…


Hurf durf, I’m a retard. It was on lighting preview, and putting it back to shaded texture polygons fixed it.

Well, I am still having this Wirframe problem, any help with that?

Silly question perhaps but did you actually press enter and create the brush?

Okay, it’s working now, yeah, keep in mind, I’m as dumb as a sack f bricks until I get going, so this could take a while.