[NEED HELP] 100% custom content sci-fi map.

Lately, I’ve been planning to do a 100% custom content sci-fi map.
I’m very good with textures, in fact it’s what I do for a living, so no problem!
It’s the custom props I’m not able to create!

I thought this kind of map is impossible to make alone.
But maybe, & this might also get interesting, team up with somebody
who’s both good at modeling and mapping?

I’m a good mapper. Well feedback from others states I am?

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What do you need?

Well at first I thought I’d just need a modeler, but since it’s a bit off to let the modeler in the dark without letting him help with the actual mapping, I decided to just team up with somebody to offer a better map!

Hmm, aight.

Exactly what do you intend on creating? I’m currently working on a Sci-Fi map, that at present uses a lot of custom content, 95 % custom or something like that. But yeh, it’s not an original map, it’s a recreation of Atlantis from SGA.

I’d be more than willing for you to help me create the “worlds” that will feature in the map, by which I mean areas you can travel to via Stargate.