Need help about ban

Hi ive been banned on this server for being accused of hacking when i wasnt i can still go on other servers will i be ok cause i dont want a cheat punch ban?

The admin banned you.
So just get a new server.

Cheatpunch won’t react to an admin side ban.

Ok just wanted to know i just want to make sure im correct cheat punch defiantly wont ban me im only banned from that server. Cause i dont want to be banned from Rust servers for doing absolutely nothing.

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and sorry i am a little worried

why would cheatpunch ban you because of an admin ban…? admins ban for any and every reason and sometimes no reason. if cheatpunch followed admin bans 90% of the rust community would be banned and not able to play. if you are not hacking you have nothing to worry about, plain and simple.