Need help about organizing!

How can i organize my coding so its more smoothly?

What i mean is like…

Is it possible so i can make it so every time i edit a file, the whole thing gets saved and backupped on my local pc before it uploads to the FTP, automatically?
Do you know a good way to organize your files?

Whats the difference between local functions and global functions, besides the access-thing? Performance?


I believe there are editors that have the option to save to your local PC and upload directly to the FTP. Most of them don’t highlight lua functions though.
Also, I like to save everything to a dropbox folder instead, if you install dropbox you can create a folder on your PC and if you upload to that you both have the code in your folder, on dropbox and ofcourse on the server.

What if i just want to upload to FTP automatically?

I really want to optimize some of my coding habbits. For faster coding.

Pretty sure most editors have that, I even think Notepad++ has it.

Yes it is.
If you use filezilla it saves it in your AppData/filezilla or something before uploading.

Localizing = Faster Access = Better Performance.

If you are calling Material(“penis.png”) in a hook it lags a lot more than just caching the result ( local mat = Material(“penis.png”) then call mat ).

Yes but what i need is an actual backup of it all, automatically.


I’m setting up the SVN. I think you can make it so that it commits to the SVN server when you save it. The problem at the moment is that I’m deciding what port I should host it on. I’m thinking of hosting the SVN server on Server02 instead of Server01.

Also Notepad++ should have automatic FTP syncing in it.

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I hope Chrik know that I’m talking about the servers we use for our community.