Need help adding cars to a multi-player server

As the title says ^ I need help installing vehicles to a multi-player server that is on fast download. I’ve been running a Garry’s Mod server for a few months now, it isn’t the first time I’ve ran a Garry’s Mod server but it is the first time I am trying to install vehicles and I just cannot get it to work. I want the following:

I install the addon pack to my server and then extract the sound/models/materials from the addon to my fast download path but I don’t download anything for these vehicles when I connect to my server. I’m currently using a test server on my VDS before I actually get cars on my public server. I don’t download anything and when I get in-game I don’t see the custom vehicles in the vehicle tab.

I’m obviously doing something wrong or missing something. I’ve googled and searched facepunch but haven’t found any luck in anything. Anybody have any helpful input on how I can successfully add cars to my server?

Anybody feeling nice enough to explain how to add cars to a multiplayer server? I can’t find any help or tutorials.

What I have done so far:

• Uploaded the “500 sub pack by TheDanishMaster” addon that contains the following folders: lua, materials, models, scripts, skintemplates, and sound. and info.txt file to my addons folder for my game server.

• Uploaded all of the content within that folder to my fast download. Yes my fast download works, I have tested it with other files that needed to be downloaded. I even disabled fast download and still it didn’t work.

• Uploaded all of the content within the addon folder “500 sub pack by TheDanishMaster” to the garrysmod folder of my game server. (I don’t know if I was suppose to but it wouldn’t hurt anything so why not.)

I’m completely lost. I connect to my game server and I don’t download anything at all and there isn’t any cars from this addon pack in the vehicle tab.

I’d appreciate any help.

Any other information needed then go ahead and ask me, I’m not a newbie with servers and installation processes except for this situation with installing cars.

did you install the 2 requirements for the addon?

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also, this should be in questions

Yes I installed the listed requirements addons which was 2 other vehicle packs. Still same result.

Do you have them installed on your client as well?

No, the point was for me to download them from the server. That is possible right or am I missing something? When I install them clientside they work fine but I want people to be able to join and download them from my server.

Did you enable the ability for your client to download content? And the ability for the server to let you download content?

sv_allowupload 1
sv_allowdownload 1

I’ve downloaded durgzmod from just joining my server along with fast download enabled. It just seems to be some issue with vehicles. I’ve downloaded several other kinds of content through my server after deleting my garrysmod folder to test if it worked.

I’ve just never gotten vehicles to work.