Need help adding custom stuff to TTT server, will pay.

What I expect to be done:
***All of the following I need to be taught to do, not just have it done. ***
Custom joining screen with music, I can do the photoshopping.
Add models to the server+pointshop.
More might come up.
Explanation of WireMod and if I should even have it. (Not a damn clue what WM is… lol)
A mic, skype, steam, or TS3. I’d also like if you had TeamViewer.
How I will pay you. One of the following options.
I pay you 33%, you do the work, I pay the rest.
You show me some extreme proof you know what your doing when it comes to GMOD/Lua and only then will I go first.
Sorry but I’ve been scammed 3 times now… (will upload proof tomorrow if you want it.)
We will talk about the pricing.
How to contact me.
Steam: ttg_avenged
Skype: gearsizback or Tylor Trub
You could message me on F.P.

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(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - Orkel))