need help adding models and textures PLEASE!!!!!

How do you add textures and models to ep2 hammer in sdk??? PLZ!!!

Yes, you can call me a beginner.

I always follow instructions, for instance when there were these cool cod4 textures it said to put in materials i did and it never showed up. Somebody said that for props and models so i did for hl2DM and it replaced all the textures with weird prop textures!!! HOW DO I DO IT CORRECTLY??!!!

You have to make sure the textures and models are placed in the folders of the game you’re running the SDK for. If you’re adding the resources to HL2DM, then you have to select HL2DM from the dropdown menu on the SDK launcher.

to much question marks

There isn’t any materials folder in the ep2 sdk files that i can find though.

If you’re adding textures for the Episode 2 configuration, they have to go in *C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps*yourusername\half-life 2 episode two\ep2\materials**. If the *\materials* folder doesn’t exist yet, you can go ahead and create it.

thank you so much!!! YES!!! You are awesome! It worked!

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