Need help adding suit armor to everyones shop menu

I need help in figuring out how i would add item_battery to the ammo shop for everyone once they go into the f4 menu, I believe it has to be in a fashion such as this?
DarkRP.createAmmoType(“AirboatGun”, {
name = “Winchester ammo(50)”,
model = “models/Items/sniper_round_box.mdl”,
price = 250,
amountGiven = 50,
But i’d need to know what i’d replace so it could be item_battery which is the armor

Shouldn’t you use create.Entity?

DarkRP.createEntity("Cool Cat Armour", {
	ent = "item_battery",
	model = "models/items/car_battery01.mdl",
	price = 500,
	max = 3,
	cmd = "buysomearmour"

Thanks so much! :slight_smile: