Need help altering a map

I really need help altering this map just a bit. I want to add in a Colosseum. kind of a huge roman amphitheater.

What map are you talking about?

So you basically want to rip someone’s brush work and put it into your map?

No, he wants to rip someone’s map and put in his brushwork :v:

you’ve got it.

and the map is rp_central17_v4

I do not think any one here is going to help you do that I am truly sorry but next time please try and make a map your self.

If you have decompiled the map it will carve up the brushwork and mean it is almost impossible to recompile without severe errors and very very long compile times. Make the entire map yourself.

Not really, I decompiled plenty of maps due to bugs like x lift got stuck here, all pretty complex brush work and what not, only problem is ladders got deleted.

Never seen fucked up brush work

You must be decompiling some pretty basic maps.

You obviously A) don’t know what the original looked like or B) don’t pay much attention. Read the VMex FAQ pages on the download site, it clearly explains that it’s not perfect and that you shouldnt recompile from it.

The brush work on most of them isn’t super complex, but not blocky too.

you should only use vmex for educational purposes. why dont you find the creator and ask him about the map.