need help and bit of infomation

i have bought

  • Counter-Strike: Source

today from game shop and installed it onto my computer but not onto Steam anyway
i have half life 2 death match

is that enough to play garys mod or does it all have to be on steam ?

There’s a non-steam version of CS:S?

No unless you download a emulator and have LEGIT gcfs.

well i got CCS Full the guy let me buy the disk off him from the game shop because i told him i wanted to play garys mod and he gave me a disk with CCS Full on a disk it was a copied disk mind youand this was off someone i knew from he Game shop

isnt it gamestop?

plus this guy was banned for pirating cs:s and hl2, dude you bought a pirated version why the hell did you believe there was a non steam version?

He can’t hear you.
He’s banned.