need help asap! (MAC)

i need help asap. just bought the game and idk what the problem is. quality all the way down, no matter what size window, it is veryyy lagy. my buddys mac plays it just fine. i have…

mac os x
version 10.6.8
3.06ghz intel core 2 duo
4gb 1067mhz ddr3
2gb memory free

i hope this is enough info to help ive deleted a bunch trying to free up space, ive tried setting priority through terminal, idk what to do. would updating to mountain lion fix this? thankyou in advance

4gbs of ram is a problem never get less than 8gbs

newer games have been needing 4-6gb usually but the minimum requirements are 4gb

The problem is it’s an alpha so it might be more of a drain on your computer at the time being, if you can you should just stick another 2gb in your system, in the future RUST should be more efficient at using resources

thanks for the replies guys. i may just see if i cant get a refund for the time being and possibly sometime in the future try it again with a better setup. how would i go about a refund if thats possible. havent had much experience with steam or anything. really wish i could get it working

why refund… just wait till you get a better computer and then play again.
the game will cost more later on… alpha is cheaper afaik.

also 4GB should be fine if you dont have much ram taken by the OS…
(at least under linux the game takes just little over 2GB of ram and im running 1920x1080 all maxed)

you probably have bad GPU or the MAC support isnt that great yet.

I play on a macbook air with 4GB ram and the game runs really smooth. I don’t think you need more than 4 GB of ram. Maybe you should update to Mavericks.

because being a college student paying for school, the chances of upgrading my computer within say the next year, are extremely slim. does anybody know how i would go about a refund? who i would contact?

You can’t. Learn to read the fine print when you make a purchase.