Need help ASAP (pointshop guns won't add to inventory & detective weapons won't add to the detective menu) *CAN PAY*

My pointshop guns are added to the pointshop… and they show up and everything, when you click buy it takes away the amount of points… but it doesn’t add to the inventory… and I added a couple weapons for detective and they won’t add to the detective buy menu… I can buy if needed, but I need these two things fixed ASAP, thank you.

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uh… that’s a problem with the server. you’re welcome.

No it’s not… because everything else works in the pointshop… and I can add Traitor weapons fine…

Look man. If a TTT server has problems, than that’s with the gamemode or the server. Garry didn’t make TTT. It’s not part of Garry’s mod, it’s an add-on. How do you expect us to help you, you didn’t even give us any details.

“hey bro my car’s broke it don’t work fix it pls”

Come take a look at it… because all i know is that it shows up in the pointshop… and when you try to buy it, it doesn’t go in the inventory… I don’t know why, and as for the detective weapons… I add them just like i do the Traitor weapons, and it won’t show up in the C menu… so come take a look

Teamviewer : 607 260 076

Why would you tell everyone that?

because i want someone to come look at it… will you?

I connected to your team view with my phone and you kick me before I can type? gg

You wouldn’t talk… join back if you’d like 8226

You can’t chat on androd :v: