Need help attaching a skin to a model ?

I’m sure this is either really easy and i’m missing something, or it’s impossible, but

I have a model for a remington shotgun. I coded it into a SWEP, and when i use it in game it’s skinless, as i have no proper skin for it.
If i made or downloaded a skin for it, how would i attach that skin to the model so it would show up in game?
Or could i edit my code to make it call whatever texture file?

edit: the model is called remingt.mdl, i have all my code right so far, please be specific as to placement of texture and name of file/s, thanks

2nd edit: An admin moved the original thread from general discussion to the help section, but i reposted it here because i felt it fit better.

Can you decompile the model? Its the easiest was (at least for me) to find out texture properties.

Could you give me more information? As in how to decompile a model if i’d be able. I’m pretty sure i got this model to play on an RP server way back, and now i’m goign through my model folders looking for things to practice making SWEPS on

You need Cannonfodders mdldecompiler or studiomdl. When you decompile, it shows which materials model uses and path to them in .qc file it generates (if your model uses any anyway).