Need help, attempting to host fretta

Yes, I am having some troubles. I have kind of summed them up in my below reply so this post you won’t really need to read to understand.

To begin with, my scoreboard is weird when I host fretta. I had the same problem before while hosting sandbox but not anymore, so anyway, can I disable it while hosting fretta? It’s sui_scoreboard v2 by Suicidal.Banana.

Also, when I start hosting I get into a strange mode based on the “shared.lua” in the “…/gamemodes/fretta/gamemode” folder.
Can I make it load up another game or preferably make it load a random one of the games?

When I host Ultimate chimera or deathrun (maybe other modes too) the models and weapons are the same as in sandbox and I can use noclip. How do I fix this?
xgui gives me a message about wiremod that it needs to be updated, can I disable this or do I have to “turn off” the addon? If so is there a simple way to do it automatically when hosting fretta?

Any help is appreciated, I didn’t find much about how to host a fretta server on the gmod wiki.

EDIT: How do I remove gamemodes from fretta? for example ascension?

ok, this is what you have to do. uninstall your scoreboard to start. then install the fretta base, from your garrysmod/gamemodes folder (from the regular gmod, not the servers one) now, install fretta-made gamemodes. to list a few, deathrun, TTT, ect. launch the server with the gamemode fretta and the map sandbox. press f1. vote for change. profit. (dont forget to install gamemode-compatible maps as well)

Okay, I have removed the scoreboard, fixed that problem I suppose (would rather keep it for sandbox, but the one way I found to do so didn’t work…).
I removed fretta base, I now start Deathrun to start fretta.

The message about wiremod needing to update is still showing up and is very annoying, but I don’t want to remove XGUI.
Gamemodes except for ascension aren’t working. You mostly start off with HL2DM standard weapons, fall damage is max 10 and in ultimate chimera hunt your model is the normal one and the scoreboard isn’t the pink one that the mode usually has.
TTT won’t even show up while voting, and I would like some modes to disappear from the list.

It’s like all the lua files aren’t even loaded, ascension usually works by only loading the map.

I created a dediated server instead now everything seem to work, except ultimate chimera hunt.
It seems the /gamemode/init.lua isn’t loading. Get these errors in console:

LuaGetfile: Not Loading ultimate chimera hunt\gamemode\init.lua
Couldn’t include file ‘ultimate chimera hunt\gamemode\init.lua’ (File not found)
There was a problem opening the gamemode file ‘ultimate chimera hunt/gamemode/init.lua’

Does the folder name ‘ultimate chimera hunt’ have spaces? If it does, try renaming it like so: ‘ultimate-chimera-hunt’ then type in server console ‘changegamemode (map) ultimate-chimera-hunt’

Fretta sucks. Ban me, report me, or rate me dumb if you agree.

Yes! Thank you, I couldn’t understand what differed in that gamemode from the others. It seems work now (even if I yet only have tried them alone).

I’m omw to setup fretta right now, will see how that works out.