Need Help Buying a server

Your best bet, if you really wanted to buy a sever, would be one from the list Gachl posted. Except HFB because I believe they closed. (In my experience I’ve used Multiplay and like it, but some other people have different opinions)

Try to stray away from un-official hosts like for example RevoltServers, because they have their rust server key illegitimately, and could cease to host their servers if the overlord Gary ever decided to (ANOTHER example, experimental servers are available to buy and Gary only sends out keys to official hosts), and could be ripping you off.


Experimental servers are available through GSPs now? When did this happen?

yeah HFB seems to have just closed shop suddenly, not too surprising. A alot of people got boned from what Im hearing. Ive had a good experience with surprisingly cheap and support has been very quick for me.

I second

i think you are making a hypothetical example to support your point there, but just to correct that, only Multiplay has access to the experimental server files at this time. but i agree, OP do your research before you pay anyone anything.

Reach us over our live chat for an exclusive discount.

(User was permabanned for this post ("alt of permabanned illegal reseller" - dai))

Multiplay works fine for me!

I’ve heard good things about Multiplay But I’m against the fact they charge $5 to remove their name from YOUR server.

I have gameservers. They have the best I’ve seen for price and customer service. I recommend them over any other provider out there.

multiplay suck so bad, you dont have no access, you can only click and edit basic files because its done through there upload system, 1 click plugins. Its horrible

May I ask why you want your own server?
do you have problems playing on any of the officials or community servers?
If you want to try out ping, connections and stuff … try the demo servers from!
Multiplay have aprox 450 mods/addons preinstalled, where you add/remove as you please, including Oxide. Also you will get a free mumble server with your order. Also atm the only provider that have the experimental version available.
Gameservers seem to me as a fast, good provider, but I don’t know what is included in the sub, nor if it have mumble, ts or vent server included. I reckon people who already rent from Gameserver can tell you how addons/mods work there ( pre installed or u upload yourself, how config works there and so on )

I used to have Multiplay … I like the server, but their customer support is bad, and u are locked when it comes to mods/addons as u can change configs, but need to upload them, and Multiplay will go over your changes BEFORE they will activate it on your server, in witch make you have to wait a long time everytime you change something. Bad, boring and not usable if you want to experiment with a config file :smiley:

Revolt claims Garry allowed them to host and has no problem with it. Why doesn’t he make a quick post and inform us potential buyers whether or not we are supporting stolen keys by purchasing from them.

I assume they are full of it, I assume Garry would’ve asked they be unbanned from the forums here if that were true? I don’t blame people for trying them, these other hosts are terrible, but I for one don’t want to support it.

Please don’t turn this into another revolt spam thread, this is getting annoying.

Damn, I didn’t know that Multiplay limits you to your addons. What server provider doesn’t give you access to FTP?? Looks like some server providers can’t let go of control. I would only go with then. Garry, Make your primary choice for the new experimental branch when you allow it.


I Brought my server on gamerservers but the only problem is it doesn’t show in the server list do you know how to fix that

there’s an entire thread dedicated to this particular topic, but i can sum it up here. revolt have been confirmed by garry as “not an official host”. the guy from revolt has chosen to interpret this as his company being an “unofficial host”, a term that is not equivalent. if he keeps pushing it, its possible that further action may be taken by the team, but at this stage they are simply ignoring it.

that said, i personally do not trust him…someone who intentionally manipulates wording like that in order to continue doing something unethical is unlikely to be trustworthy in business dealings.

but yeah, lets leave it at that.

You probably added an illegal character to your server name. most non alphanumeric characters were blocked a while back.

I believe most GSPs took away FTP access a few months back because of exploits that allowed people to use Leather to load practically any code into the server that they wanted. I don’t know the nitty-gritty of this but I was pretty disappointed when I couldn’t auto-FTP my save backups anymore.

Is there any need for writing FTP access? I mostly need reading for location, json map and backup, and they’d provide a html page to upload my backups to. But for multiplay even this isn’t possible as they have some weird stuff going on with their user saves, correct me if I’m wrong.


These are Garry’s forums. He doesn’t need to ask mods to do anything if he wants something done differently. If he thought Revolt belonged here at all, he’d have done something about their two permabanned accounts already.

You really need to read the Garry Rule if you haven’t already. (This is linked in the lower left of every page on FP)

My point was I doubt Garry spends much time on the forums banning people, they are using the excuse that Garry is too busy and the forum admins don’t know he’s “allowed” to host them.

My point was only that revolt are able to lie to people and convince them of that and there’s no post from Garry simply stating “these guys are not supposed to be hosting our game” to prove they are lying.