Need help can't find the server I was playing on.

So I dced randomly on the server I was playing on thinking it was just a quick dc, then a few hours pass and I still can’t see the server on my favorites list or recent. I checked the server on playrusthq, and noticed that it says that it was online and had 5 people but still can’t connect.

Add it to favourite before you join it. Remove it if its shit.

He just said he lost it out of his favourites…

Try going to the general catagory (Modded/Community/Official) and search for it if you can remember the name. Sometimes a server will change IP and the Rust client will lose track of it.

I found the ip on playrusthq, and it says it has players online, whenever I try to connect to it, it says connection failed everytime.

Setup Google DNS in your settings, that fixes a lot of connection issues for me