Need Help Choosing Gamemode and more!

Hello guys.
I’ve got a server, 16 slot, and it currently have DarkRP installed on it. It’s a bit customized and everything. Although, I’m tired of DarkRP. No one RolePlays, so I decided to come here and ask you guys if you have any suggestions of other Role Play Gamemodes. If it’s not a RP gamemode, feel free to post it anyways, but I’d like RP gamemodes.
If you have a suggestion, could you please include a link to either its SVN or their website so I can have a quick review. Although, I don’t like HL2 RP or whatever it’s called, I don’t understand a sh*t…

And one more thing, I dunno if this is the best place to ask this but I’m looking for some reliable and serious admins for my server. If you’re intrested, please look into these requirements below.
• Should have previous experience of Admin as well as of Servers. (Previous server owners is really good since they know what is needed!)
• Should have experience of the Admin Mod called Evolve and also, ULX since I might change into that in order to get a more custom-friendly admin mod.
• Should be albe to know what an Admin should do. (Invite people to Steam Group, website, server, ask for donations, etc…)
• Should be very strict but still friendly to those who need help.
That’s all for now I guess.


  • Tom.

Fight to Survive: Stronghold

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Evolve doesn’t work with stronghold though, ulx does.

I’ve looked into that I have it downloaded. Although, it doesn’t seem to be that fun. I’ve played on the server that the creator of F2S: Stronghold owns, and it’s really not that fun. I’ve played there alot. But I might give it a try if I don’t find anything else.

Thanks for your suggestion and fast reply.

Best Regards.

  • Tom.

You could try the good old GModRP, that has been fixed a couple of months ago.

Please stop recommending this shitty gamemode. It’s not fun. At all. This is like the 15th thread you’ve suggested it to. The gamemode is dead.

Says the 777 poster :v:
Seriously though, I never even recommended it five times? What are you talking about?

Shouldn’t be recommending it at all. And what does post count have anything to do with it?

The 777 poster thing was a joke. (note the :v:?)
And I recommend it because I like it.
If you don’t like it, don’t tell me that I shouldn’t recommend it simply based on your opinions.

Ok, then I counter your suggestion and recommend you don’t use it.

Fair enough?

Yes. :smile:

I would like to get recommendations, not “counter recommendations”. Some dislikes some gamemodes and that’s how it always will be. Anyways, thanks for the recommendation.

Generic build mode is always popular

Generic Build Mode? You mean sandbox?


Tiramisu, clockwork, fretta, trouble in terrorist town, sandbox.

If you don’t understand the hl2rp game mode you should try learning, if you play on a decent server you could enjoy yourself.

sam6420, Yeah, I might take a in-depth review of it. Although, you can’t build in that mode or can you?

In tiramisu, clockwork, yes.
TTT is a murder-mystery gamemode and fretta consists of mini-game-esque gamemodes.

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Tiramisu and clockwork are RP gamemodes, clockwork isn’t out yet and tiramisu is like cakescript.

Oh, okay. Thanks.

Are we recommending dead gamemodes?


Any recommendation is needed. Thanks, I’ll check it out.