Need help ! coding a gamemode

Hello, actually, me and some friends are making a new gamemod, (a New Old Gamemode[Phyght Reborn]) So i asked to “The Goatman” (Alias SexCave) if he could help us, and he said that i Should post here, and ask to talk to John Lua, because “The Goatman” is a friend of John Lua.

If you’ve just “decided” to code a gamemode, go and learn a decent amount of lua, come back when you’re having a problem with a specific part of your gamemode, then ask.

Best thing to do is figure out what you want to do with the gamemode and start with the most basic features.

Go to the Wiki and head to the Lua section.

If you want teams, look up how to make teams, then figure out how to get them to select teams and then find the next essential part of your gamemode and look that up.

Keep going until it all pieces together into what you want.