Need help coding Leaderboard

I wouldn’t mind paying someone to code me a leaderboard for zombie survival that has the kills for TEAM_UNDEAD, TEAM_HUMAN and the levels of the players but the only problem is I want to code it. I can’t find any good tutorials on leaderboards I already have some basic knowledge on Derma.

Anyone have any good tutorials or how to help me start off?

You mean an scoreboard?

If so, hook into the scoreboard show/hide hooks, and create an DPanel/DFrame, and an DListView, its simple as that heres an image of some simple scoreboard I made

Instead of relying on tutorials, sit down and try to plan out how it should work - at it’s core, you’re tracking and increasing a number when certain events occur

But hes right, theres hardly big “good” info on how to make advanced stuff, I always wanted to make an own scoreboard, and I was struggling with it like hell, I looked at others code, even the vanilla code, but it was somehow too complicated, until I saw it just can be an DPanel with an DListView.

No I don’t want a scoreboard, I want a leaderboard basically saving people levels/kills/deaths/and Pointshop points I can make a simple derma but I have no idea how to start this.

Something like this.

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It does not have to be this advanced it could be a simple Derma with categories.

Ok I thought of it and I’m gonna try to make it work with a stats system like

I want it now to save the players so then it would be a leaderboard. How would I do this?

Also I want the persons name opening this up to highlight their name.

Same as with an scoreboard, code the derma, and save the information(on playerdisconnect) into an file JSON encoded, and upon menu loading, you loop through the files, decode them, add a line and put in the info, not that hard actually.

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and check if the players name is localplayer:Nick() to highlight the name.