Need Help Coding My Own Timer For A Bhop Server. Please help?

It would be nice if someone could help me code my own timer for a bhopper server that i will be hosting soon on GarrysMod

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Describe the timer.

A bhop timer wheres there’s a beginning timer and a timer at the end that stops it. Admins can place it where ever they want. I can set exploit zones so the timer stops incase a map is exploited by a player. That type of timer

That makes no sense.

Add me on Gmod ill show you in game Heres my profile:

Could you perhaps just show me here? Don’t really have the luxury of being online at the same time as you + using what little time I have for scripting to play with you on some server I dont care about

Basically what the OP is looking for is a way ( think zones ) to trigger a start timer zone, a finished timer zone and an out-of-bounds zone.

OP, you can do this several ways; it may be easier to create an entity that the user presses E on to start the timer, and a different one where they press E to stop the timer instead of doing a ton of checks to see if a player is in bounds.

ents.FindInBox / player.GetAll are some functions that come to mind. It may be more cost-effective to use player.GetAll( ) and loop through 0-128 players on the map that to do checks to see if they are inside of ents.FindInBox loop. So when you loop through players, I’d suggest making a helper-function which goes through the list of out-of-bounds zones ( which you’ll have to set-up manually per map you intend to use ) to see if they’re cheating. If they are cheating or out of bounds you’ll need to do something such as reset them to start and reset the timer.

In the loop you can see if they are inside an area designated as the start zone, this could be the first block the player has to jump on - if the map has those interactable blocks that move down, you could incorporate an ENT:OnTouch / OnActivate for those. When the player is at the end, you need to stop the timer. Ensure the timer doesn’t start more than once, and ensure the timer doesn’t end more than once - if you don’t do those checks you could have people finishing with 0:00 time.