Need help compiling my first ragdoll!

OK, now first off, i’d just like to say, that I have not actually made anything here myself, all i’m trying to do is make a simple headswap, specifically putting barney’s head on a Gabe Newell modle I found on for a machinima.
So, in essence all I did was load up both models into Milkshape, and then in the Groups tab, deleting the head of the gabe model and the body of the barney model.
However I am at a loss when It comes to actually compiling it; In that I have no clue how to properly write the .QC file.
WOuld someone care to help a newb?

Try this:

500 - Internal server error.

Yea just keep refreshing it, the whole site is doing that intermittently atm (It’s regulally got some kind of loading issue or other ¬.¬)

I just need a simple template qc file
Ok, I managed to compile it, but when I try to spawn it in gmod, the game crashes…FML