Greetings. Some of you may remember an SNPC pack called Dan’s SNPCs from back in the day. The creator was at some point banned (I know not why) and the original mod was taken down. Most of the subsequent “reuploads” were just a bunch of virus filled scams.

However, I had gotten the mod back before that happened and found it a while back on my old hard drive. However, since the Gmod 13 update it hasn’t worked anymore.

What I’d like is for someone who is experienced with SNPCs to either link me some tutorial on how to convert Gmod 12 SNPCs to Gmod 13, explain how it’s done, or if possible I could link the pack to you and you could simply do it yourself.

Any of the 3 are fine. I just need a bit of help. I really loved that pack and I think it’s about time other people got a chance to see it in Gmod again or experience it for the first time.

Thanks in advance.

if you could link me to the pack, i could have a go at it.

I was about to help, but then I noticed that thread’s name is all caps.


If you don’t have something useful to contribute then don’t bother posting.

Anyway here’s the pack:

Most people 'round here don’t know of the UseNet Pledge, I’m afraid.

But seriously, don’t type in ALL CAPS, don’t use aLtErNaTiNg caps, and For The Love Of God Don’t Type Like This.

The simple things go a long way.

I am actually in the process of fixing the pack myself. add me on steam and we can discuss a bit more about this.


Apologies. If you take a look you’ll find this was the first time I’ve posted anything on Facepunch. Just wanted to get folks attention.


I’ll add ya sometime later today, when I get a chance.