Need help converting my finished Blue Falcon from .blend/smd into mdl file for gmod.

After days of work with no avail, I cannot successfully convert my model to an mdl file that works with gmod. I would like it if someone could tell me if there is a compiler that could do most of it for me, or convert it themselves.

Send me a pm(please) with the completed file, I will give credit to whoever does so. I will be using this model for a creation I am making in cloudscript.


Help me Obi-Punch Kenobi, you’re my only hope.

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Your post gives this thread a bump, which means it has a higher priority, and therefore, more help!

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You may request ANY F-Zero vehicles model from me that you want converted to a something you can work with. Tell me what file extension/type you want, if you care that is.

Might as well carry some nostalgia along too:

I would like it if the model has a collision box added to it and has working textures too.(forgot to make hitbox before I made thread) My main problem is getting the textures to work. I do not know how to make a proper/working tga file or uv map. I do not know how to include textures already on the model in the uv map and when I save a texture free uv map I have no outline when I open it with image editing applications.


Update: rendered a spinning animation to better showcase it.

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Is anybody gonna help? Should I put a link to this thread in another section or site?(please specify) Should I just wait?

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Slow down impatient one. what does your qc file look like?

eDot: I just opend up your blender file and all I got was a cube. no F-Zero racer. But the SMD you included came out just fine.

$modelname “F-Zero\blue_falcon.mdl”
$cdmaterials “F-Zero”

$scale 1
$surfaceprop “metal”

$sequence idle “blue_falcon_idle.smd” fps 1

$collisionmodel “blue_falcon_phys.smd” {
$mass 100.0
$inertia 1.00
$damping 0.00
$rotdamping 0.00

This file wont work unless I get the uv map or my vmt and vtf files to work properly. When the model is converted to SMD you need to open it up with notepad/notepad ++ and “find and replace” every occurrence of dds with vtf. You might need to add the vmt file names too. I think that ONE of the reasons I couldnt see it when I spawned it was because I didn’t have the physmodel made properly. Idle one seemed fine.

Sorry about being so impatient, I have been trying to do this one thing for a week now and found no solution.

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Gonna be gone for about 7 hours now, I’LL BE BACK!

Another reason could be because of how small the actual model was when you exported.

This is how big the model was when I imported it.

And I think this is the size you wanted, right?

When you export to smd, it shouldn’t matter what the original file type the texture is, just so long as the name stays the same before the dot.

The model size you put looks perfect! Could you send me the Alyx model you used though? I wanna scale it to the point that the player fits in the cockpit properly. It would also be good to know whether your imported model has working bones so I know whether or not I can do that. Unless you wanted to help make the hitbox and mdl itself. :confused: I am really going to struggle on making it visible since I don’t know how to get the hitbox set up right. You NEED to do the hitbox for it to even be visible I think. It wasn’t because of how small it was that I couldn’t see it.

I’d recommend exporting 2 smds, and letting the ducky go. One is for reference (what you see in game) the other is the physmodel (hitbox/ what the game uses to determine collision). Also, make sure you have all the textures you need or those that aren’t converted will show as pink and black checkerboards.

The Alex model I used is easily extracted from Half Life 2 using gcfscape and yes, she does have fully working bones. But no I can’t send her over

I’ll make a quickie compile and send you the results soon.

The compile failed, but I will send you the resized model in smd format and obj format.

Thanks man! With the info you gave me I should probably be able to compile some other stuff I have on my own. I don’t know what I can do to repay you for compiling the model other than giving you credit for that in the description of the cloudscript I make.(should be AMAZINGLY popular when I finish it) I plan on making it a drivable vehicle, (duh) possibly make it so you can drive on most any surface (while hovering at the same time of course) with “grip”, making a first and thirdperson cam should be pretty easy too. I may include a button to enable/disable some F-Zero tracks while you are driving it.

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Just so you know, it will possibly be a couple of weeks until I finally release it.

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If you would be willing to, PM me the link to the compiled model rather than posting it out in the open. I wouldn’t be very happy if someone NINJA’D my cloudscript.

Unfortunatly, I ran into a problem with the physmodel I don’t know how to fix yet, but at the very least, it will be at the proper size. You will find the link in you pm’s folder.

The model looke like it should work, but the compiler I used gave me this error

WARNING: Bad collision model, check your smoothing groups!!!
WARNING: Truncating model!!!!
WARNING: C:\Documents and Settings\windowsxp\My Documents\3dsmax\export/prop.smd has bad smoothing groups
Model has 1 convex sub-parts

Edit: 2nd Compile worked

I’m in the process of reconverting the textures for easier use. I’ll send you the results as soon as I’m sure I’m done.

Edit again: files sent

Sent you pm! Also, for some unknown reason, I didn’t get this last message sent to me by email. Had to go to thread and refresh to know it was there. :colbert: