Need Help Creating Files with GLON Serverside

Recently, I found a version of NoxiousNet’s 2009 gamemode code and said, “Why don’t I try to get it all to work in order to better understand lua?” I set out on that goal and I’ve nearly recreated **ALMOST **every single feature that exists in NoxiousNet as of the time of posting. I am only having one problem, however, I cannot for the life of me get glon to write to a unique file for every steam id (not STEAM_X:X:XXXXXXXXX, it uses the ending, eg XXXXXXXXXX.txt) that joins and adds data for the accounts, store, and money to function.

          I have tried everything, but no matter how much I try, it either creates the file clientside instead of serverside like it was intended, or doesn't work at all. **I will give the** **global/core.lua file to anyone who can help create the tables serverside, and have the server read, edit, and add new lines to the files created. **The files must be able to decode the files and use the values stored in the file as values (eg acc_table["MemberLevel"] = pl.MemberLevel ). All data files **must** be created under **/noxaccounts or /accounts.** If possible, or allowed, I will give the person who helps me first with my issue the code** for use on their servers AND THEIR SERVERS ONLY, please do not disappoint me and distribute the files.**

**[Player.UniqueID](**, first of all.

And what is the issue more precisely?
The code is executed clientside?

nah he just want to do
file.Write(“users/”…ply:UniqueID()…".txt",glon.encode(acc_table)) // Everyone gets their own seperate acc file with their stuff stored in it
file.Read(“users/”…ply:UniqueID()…".txt").MemberLevel // Loads the Memberlevel from the table

Thank you fine sirs, I will try it out, I will personally thank you both if it works. Cheers. But could you mind adding me on Steam?

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Yes it is, I need it to be executed serverside as soon as the player joins.