Need help creating fog in map

I’ve made a deathrun map and it’s supposed to be a rooftop theme. I was wondering how I would make it for there to be fog near the bottom of the map so you can’t see the floor. I tried it using func_smokevolume but it stops the smoke 1/3 of the way through the map. I tried using env_fog_controller but it doesn’t seem to work.

Are there any leaks?

Not that I’m aware of.

Enable your env_fog_controller if it’s not already enabled.

Check the distances where the fog starts and where the fogs ends.

Func_smokevolume would be too expensive anyway, use env_fog_controller. As stated above, you have to enable it and set correct distance. Bear in mind that fog will go in every direction. Also, if your map’s “bottom” brush is covered with skybox texture then indeed you won’t see the fog.

This. There’s a keyvalue in the entity named “fog enable” that should be set to “enabled”.

If you’re not familiar with how linear fog rendering works in Source:

Good starting values would be 512 for fog start, and 2048 for fog end.

Besides func_smokevolume absolutely destroying framerates on older cards, it’s also very finicky. The reason it’s likely stopping is probably because you have the particles set to be too close together and not big enough in size, so it scrunches them all together.

If you want to keep using func_smokevolume, increase the particle size to 128/256 and make sure the particle spacing is pretty far apart. You’ll also want to keep the total particle count down as low as you can get it while it still looks good to avoid performance problems.

Making your own particle system would work better though because particle systems are much more render friendly and don’t eat GPUs alive.

I know it’s a horrible suggestion from myself but you could try func_dustclouds I think it was they might do what you want if you adjusted it correctly.

Here’s a tip you can use in-game for your fog, it’s fogui.

Try using Block Light texture, so the bottom of map looks black, simulating the fog (sort of). However, this could be only suitable if the map was set during night.

Another option would be to use the fog controller and tweak the planes, so it only appears under the player.