need help deleting FAdmin

i am having some problems with FAdmin and ulx. when i make myself superadmin it get removed after i reconnect. and i dont have acces to ulx command. how do i delete FAdmin?
please help

ULX is EXTREMELY lightweight and I would highly doubt it would be causing any problems.
If you really want to remove FAdmin, go into the DarkRp folder and search arould for a folder by the name of ‘FAdmin’ and remove it.

I had this problem too, I don’t know why it’s happening, Thats why I got a TTT server now.

And you can’t really delete fadmin, if you try, you’d probably be spammed with lua errors. and I don’t even think you can remove fadmin from darkrp.

Install DarkRP. DO NOT START
Install ULX. Start server
Give yourself admin IN ULX
Should work fine.

The errors are because Fadmin modifies the scoreboard. You would have to get a new one/modify the current one. Also please search for the answer before posting because it’s been answered before.

He wanted to remove it, not an explanation on how to stop the conflict.
Remove fadmin by removing fadmin_darkrp.lua from the darkrp/gamemode/shared folder, and deleting the fadmin folder. I would link you to the wiki but the page is empty.

here it is

thank you

Or do it the better way:

Oh, thanks. Looks like I was an idiot the whole time and was doing incorrectly.

A few questions though, what kind of things does FAdmin “depend on DarkRP”, even though you don’t want FAdmin?