Need help diagnosing extreme FPS lag on my Garry's Mod server (DETAILED INFORMATION)

Hi, I’m the owner of a fairly popular Garry’s Mod server, however lately we’ve been experiencing some issues with significantly reduced FPS. I’ve tried to fix this issue myself, but it seems no matter what I do it’s still present. I could really use some help figuring out what exactly is going on, thanks in advance!

I decided to post this as somewhat of a last resort, I feel that this issue with FPS is heavily hindering my community and my Garry’s Mod server ranking. Without the inhibition of this FPS lag, I think my community/server would be able to truly live up to it’s full potential.

If the server is completely empty, I don’t have any issues with FPS or lag what-so-ever.
Even with a small amount of players (2-6) on the server my fps seems to do fine, it’s not until we reach about 10 players that I start to have noticeable FPS reduction.
So from personal experience, I have concluded that the amount of players on the server seems to directly correspond to my FPS reduction.

Here’s the strange part: No matter where I am on the map, even if it’s a secluded room far away from any players, if I look towards spawn my FPS significantly drops (even if I can’t actually see it from where i’m at). I’m talking dropping from 150-200 all the way down to 20-30, sometimes even in the teens. So I can be sitting alone in a secluded room on the map looking AWAY from spawn with an average of about 175 fps, but something as simple as turning towards spawn can cause me to drop around 130-140 frames? That doesn’t sound right to me at all… It’s even worse if I actually go TO spawn, especially if it has many players grouped together in it building.

My theory at this point is that it’s not actually spawn itself causing this FPS reduction, but rather the players that are grouped on spawn. I realized this when I noticed that my FPS drops whenever I’m looking towards any large group of players on the server, especially if they’re building. The reason it occurs on spawn more than anywhere else is because that’s where players are most commonly grouped together. My server has a “safezone” addon, which allows users to have godmode when they’re on or near spawn, so users tend to group up in this area and build more than anywhere else, resulting in FPS reduction when looking in that direction no matter where you are on the map. I’ve already tried removing the safezone addon for a while, but it isn’t the problem, we still experience the same FPS problem without the safezone addon present on the server.

I know what you’re probably thinking at this point “GET A BETTER VIDEO CARD!”, however I assure you this isn’t just a client side issue. I’ve talked to many of the staff and members on my server, they all seem to experience the same FPS issue.
I also have the geforce gtx 770, and a pretty top notch gaming system all around. I just can’t understand why a game like garry’s mod (not as graphically intense as some other games) would put any strain at all on a 325$ graphics card. This tells me that it has to be a server side issue, possibly an addon.

So, the things that seem to affect my FPS the most are:
The amount of players currently on the server
The amount of players near me and what they’re doing
Intense PAC3 Animations
Excessive shooting (especially if the gun is automatic)
Massive Props


Server Host: Nuclear Fallout Server’s (more commonly known as NFO)

Server Statistics:

Server Addons List:

Server.cfg File: (no, you aren’t going to find my rcon password in here)

Net_Graph 4 Screenshots: (this one was taken right after the server crashed)

As I previously stated, posting this is sort of a last resort, ANY help is appreciated!

You have pac3 installed.

I’m aware that some pac’s with lots of particles/effects can cause fps to drop, but that doesn’t explain why I still experience low fps even when none of the players are using pac, which is pretty often.
Can pac3 simply being on the server cause fps drops?

At this point, I’m starting to think that the sandbox gamemode is simply not capable of handling more than about 12 players without a drop in frame rates…

lower sv_minrate down to 10000 first

Your netgraphs don’t show the server struggling at all, server tickrate stays above ~60 even when you’re lagging, and there’s no loss/choke…

This looks like a client side problem, whether it is rates or graphics… who knows…

Events in puush screenshot 2 are fucking off the chain,

That would be PAC doing that. Even more so you have to remember GMod client side is single threaded(don’t tell me that multi-cored is enabled cause it actually doesn’t work :v:)

You’re pushing the limits of the engine. Remove PAC or continue to enjoy your FPS drops.